We’re guessing that you didn’t go into business to do the compliance work?

That’s why we’re here to take care of the essential accountancy and compliance requirements, so you can focus on what’s important.

We can streamline the management and preparation of tax returns, financial statements, VAT, payroll obligation and compliance accounting.

Our full range of accountancy and compliance services include:

Year End Accounts

Annual profit and loss and balance sheet reports, along with the associated disclosures to keep you compliant with Revenue and CRO reporting requirements.


Corporation Tax Return

Prepared in order to calculate and report the corporation tax payable, based mainly on corporate profits. This is a Revenue requirement for all Limited Companies.

VAT Returns

All businesses with a taxable turnover over current thresholds must prepare and submit VAT returns. We can take care of the whole process, or carry out a review.

Payroll Bureau

Each and every time an employee is paid wages/salary, the employer must calculate any deductions (e.g. income tax, USC, PRSI, BIK, Pension Deductions, etc) and report it in real-time in line with Revenue’s new PAYE Modernisation requirements.


RCT Compliance

Every time you engage with a subcontractor on a new project, we will notify Revenue of the contract details. Before you make a payment to your subcontractors we will notify Revenue and advise of any deduction that is required to be made so you don’t overpay any subcontractor bills.

Self Assessment

Form 11 (Self Employed) & Form 12 (PAYE Employees) brings together all sources of income received by an individual and reports it, after deducting all available tax allowances, along with any tax liability or refund due, to Revenue.