In a world where we spend what we earn, protecting and more importantly growing your profit is essential.

Firstly, if you want to drive more profit you have to make more sales.


Sales = Customers X Amount of spend X Frequency of spend

You now have to look at each of these sales drivers individually as in turn, these will have an effect on your profit.

The biggest problem with most businesses is that they only focus on one of these drivers – customers.


If you’re busy trying to win more and more customers your business could actually be much more profitable if you spent time looking at their average spend and frequency.


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Let us show you the Incredible power of 10! 

What if your business could improve the following drivers of profit by 10%?

Your Current PerformanceYour Current NumbersImprovement FactorYour NEW Numbers
Number of Potential Customers12,50010% (12,500*1.10)13,750
Conversion Rate10%10% (10*1.10)11%
Your Number of Customers1,2501,513
Number of Transactions per Customer210% (2*1.10)2.2
Average Value of Each Sale€5010% (50*1.10)€55
Your Current Total Sales€125,000€183,013
Your Net Profit Percentage40%10% (40*1.10)44%
Your Resulting Net Profit€50,000€80,526

By focusing on effecting a 10% change in the ‘drivers’ of profit, this business benefited from:


• 46% increase in sales

• 61% increase in profit


Or, an extra €30,500 of profit in your and your family’s pocket!

Now apply this process for 2 years in a row and you will experience


• Sales increased by 114%

• Profit increased by 159%


That is an extra €79,687.00 in profit in your and your family’s pocket.


Benefits for you

More money in your business.

More time to do the things that make you happy.

More time with your family and loved ones.

A retirement plan with a reduced working life.

More money in your personal finances.

Less stress, anxiety and worry.

We think you’ll be amazed how our approach will increase your profit substantially.

We don’t just help our clients boost their profits, we also help with paying too much tax and poor cash flow.